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 Guild Rules (Must Read)

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PostSubject: Guild Rules (Must Read)   Guild Rules (Must Read) EmptyThu Jul 22, 2010 1:32 am

Guild Rules

1. Respect guild leaders. The guild leaders are working to make a better community for you and everyone else. Be patient and respectful since there is a lot to deal with.

2. Be active. We want active players in this guild that will join raids and other events when they happen. Do not just come on to play arena or duel in Stormwind while ignoring what the guild is doing. We do not need people like that.

3. Contribute. If you want to gain from the guild, then you need to give as well. Do not expect everything to be handed to you.

4. Have fun. If you learn to have fun with us, then the rest will come easily. This is important. If you are not having fun, something is wrong and it needs to be worked on.

In-Game Rules

1. Do not spam guild chat. Sometimes people gets Irritated and it can be distracting.

2. While speaking in guild chat, speak English.

3. Follow the Magic WoW rules. Do not break rules that would get you banned or present a bad image of yourself or the guild.

Guild Bank Rules

1. All members that use the guild bank to withdraw items, must help keep the guild bank full (ie: not being 1 sided with gbank). This rule is simple, if officer feels someone is just taking and not giving, they will be demoted or gkicked. All members using the guild bank must keep a balance of taking and giving.

2. Please all members respect the hard work all have put in to the gbank, and the hard work all will have to do to keep the guild bank looking nice.

3. If U need any item from the gbank and u dnt have stack feel free to ask any Councils Or High Councils anytime and dnt be 1 side with gbank.

Raiding Rules

1. Listen to your raid leader. If you do not pay attention and mess up, the raid leader can and will kick you out of the raid. He has full rights to do this without giving you any loot. If you feel this was done wrongfully, contact Councils Or High Councils

2. Do not complain about loot. If you did not win something, get over it. Whether it was because someone rolled higher, the leader decided someone else deserved it more, or it was a mistake, get over it. It is just a pixel item. Do not let it wreck your day. If you feel loot is being distributed with too much bias, inform an Councils Or High Councils

3. Be patient. Getting everything ready can be a long time. If everyone puts in the effort, it will work out.

4. All guild raids must be done with the guild rolling rules.

Rolling Rules

F U S I O N raids are ML raids. Exception on chests we take measures to make sure the loot is distributed fairly. With that in mind, the rules for rolling are as follows:

1. You may only roll on 1 character for items per a raid.

2. Each Main character have 1 main spec (e.g Healing, Tank, DPS) that you can need roll on. Offspec will be rolled on greed.

3. You may only roll 1 spec in need/greed per a raid, Dont do Need on all ur specs.

If you have any questions feel free to ask the Councils Or High Councils any time.
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Guild Rules (Must Read)
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