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 Application Format!!

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PostSubject: Application Format!!   Thu Jul 22, 2010 1:42 am



1. Character Name and Spec:

2. Age:

3. Primary Language:

4. Race:

5. Class:

6. Main Spec:
(are you willing to respec?)

7. Please provide a link of your talents tree using Wowhead Talent Tool:

8. Are you primarily a PvP or PvE player? :

9. What are your previous guilds that you have joined in World of Warcraft, and why did you leave them? :

10. What are your reasons for wanting to join F U S I O N? How did you hear about us? :

11. Do you know anyone in F U S I O N? :

12. What is your raiding experience? :

13. What time of day do you play mainly?

13. Have you read and understood the guild rolling rules as posted in the section?

14. Names of all alt characters:

15. Please Link a screenshot of your character panel:

16: Include any other information you have (e.g Alts, etc.):

Minimum applicant requirements to join F U S I O N:

- Must be able to speak and understand English.
- Well experienced and mastery in your particular class and profession.
- Very active on ingame, forums.
- MUST be level 80 and preferably well geared.
- Having a good sense of humor and ethics.
- Able to help others when needed.
- Able to listen and follow instructions from raid leaders.
- Must attend guild raids when needed.
- Must attend PvP events when needed.

Erex - Death Knight
Erexna - Warlock
Roguezak - Rouge
Krishh - Hunter
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Application Format!!
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